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Women in Farming - Meet Robbie Alman - Wilson

Robbie Alman - Wilson seems to have a serious operation going on near Llandrinodod Wells in the UK. From a travelling hubby, 2 kiddos, sheep, cattle, layer hens to a few horses. I ran through with Robbie about her farming systems, what the farm would look like in 5 years and what she does to get a little head space.
Who are you farming with- employees, family etc.?
It's a family run hill farm owned by my father-in-law, my father-in-law and an employee run the egg laying units, my brother-in-law helped them out through lockdown due to COVID not allowing him to continue travelling in his gap year.  My husband Dale & i work together on the stock side of the farm up until November/December time where its then just me for a while as Dale is away until the end of February sheep scanning, he's back for lambing but then goes again for a month or so scanning in Australia, although he too was unable to go this year due to Covid!
How many acres are you farming?
Around 400 acres owned & rented plus hill rights
Stock Numbers?
We have mostly Welsh ewes with some crossbreds, Limousin & Belgium blue Cross beef cattle & 34,000 laying hens.
 How long have you been farming?
All my life really, I was born into a farming family, both Mum & Dad worked on the farm together so my brother & I had to go everywhere with them as Mum was always out with Dad, we always had to help on the farm so I've never really did anything else, apart from breaking & training horses which I did along side farming up until around 3/4 years ago.
What does a typical day look like for you? – this time of year
Sheep work mostly at the moment, we are probably gathering the hill for weaning next week, having already done the ground ewes and lambs a few weeks ago, the hill are always sometime later.
Where do you see the farm operation in 5 years?
Still going hopefully! 😂
We have 2 sons & knowing the farm will not be able to sustain us all in the future, if one of the boys wants to farm, let alone two, means expanding somehow, is never far out of our thoughts.
What is one implement, tool, that makes your life on the farm easier?
That's a hard one, can I say a couple!?
The quad bikes has to be one… A good catching dog at lambing time, & Bobby the Bobcat when the cattle are in.
 What do you believe will be the biggest driver of change in the Agriculture industry in the UK in the short term?
Short term… Probably Brexit & removal of the CAP.
 What do you do to get your head space at the end of a day?
Probably to jump on a horse & go up the hill. Everything, no matter what it is, seems a million miles away for the time that I'm up there.
Or to call a mate & have a good ol session putting the world to rights!
Head over to Robbie's Instagram profile if nothing but to take a gander at the stunning scenery on the property! HERE






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