Our Story

Born in the outback and brought to "God's Country"  Co. Carlow Ireland by love, Ballybar is now offering functional, styled farm work wear for farmers. Before founding this company, I grew up surrounded by strong women on the farm and tons of great clothing options. I always felt confident in myself, comfortable, and well-protected from the sun. But in 2011, when I relocated to farm tillage, beef, and dairy with my Irish fella, I found my options weren’t much more than basic tees and jeans that left me looking like I'd just been through a lawn mower.

Living and working in the Irish countryside for nearly a decade now has been a constant source of inspiration and beauty. The rich history of Irish farming surrounds me; in the farming techniques, the local pubs and Farmers Hunt, and more than anything else, the long chats with my neighbours. It was in all of this that I learned about the Ballybar racecourse that used to run just over our backfield. My natural love for all things horse, cattle, and country life immediately drew me into the wonderful history of these antique Ballybar races.

 After diving into the stories and researching more available clothing options for farmers, I realised I had stumbled on a need to fill and a story for inspiration. So, I got to work! I attended trade shows and met with manufacturers until I had a selected what I thought was important in a work shirt.  Enter, the launch of the Ballybar Filly & Colt work shirts which quickly filled a converted old stable ready to be sold. 

Since creating Ballybar, I hope to build a wardrobe for farmers clothing that is not just easy on the eye but comfortable, hard wearing and affordable. Rather than buy a few raggedy tees that’ll last a couple of weeks, Ballybar wants to outfit farmers with gear that can last season after season, withstand the sun and still keep you comfortable throughout a hard day’s work. 



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