Marketing your livestock online has become more than ever in recent times a reliable and a prerequisite when selling your stock. There are a few elements that if done well, will increase your chance of making the sale and receiving top price for the stock you intend on selling.

For all intensive pruposes we will assume you are trying to sell a  bull.

1. Take a good photo - Perspective purchases are going to want to see the bull and its up to you to make him shine and stand out compared to all the other bulls on websites like and Get him out of the shed and into a paddock or at least a clean yard with a wall or a rail. You will probably need help for this - Your helper will need to stand in front but a safe distance away to make a couple of noises or hand waves to get his attention and make him prick his ears. The photographer needs to stand at a right angle to the bull with the camera lens at the same height as the point of his shoulder. If you are down too low he will look too leggy, too high and he will look short.  You can change the angle a little and move closer to his head and almost shooting at a 45 degree angle from the shoulder.                                  

 Quick Tips  

*Be sure there is no obstructions behind or to the side of the bull, you don't want a lot lovely picture of your bull with a big pile of silage wrap  or a diet feeder in the background.                                                                                                  

*If it is a sunny day have the sun behind the photographer as the shadows will reduce the detail of the bulls features.                                                                    

* Take a couple of head shots with ears pricked forward.                                      

* If your bull has been in the shed and you are letting him out into a yard or a big paddock, he will be sniffing and checking out his new surrounds and probably bucking and jumping - leave him there for 10-15mins to settle down and then start clicking away                                                                                                  

* Ensure that the bull is standing square, he isn't too stretched nor standing under himself.                                                                                                              

* Take lots of photos you might think you snapped a great one but when it comes time to upload the photo its blurry.      

2. Information - List as much info as you can - Pedigree, EBI etc If you have any details of his Sire and his performance of the progeny ie Prices & weights made in marts or factories. If you have sold brothers or sisters recently and what price they made.

3. Tell a Story - Your opening Paragraph should try to sell the bull straight away. If he would be suitable for say, Dairy heifers and has a short gestation period, sell that. Eg. Outstanding Pedigree Angus Bull, perfect for Dairy heifers with a short gestation. Would be an asset to any Dairy herd.

4. More Photos - If the bull has progeny on the ground take some photos of them just out in the paddock - use the same rules as taking a photo of the man himself, Head up, pricked ears, nothing distracting in the background.

5. When selecting a photo a the cover image (the first photo everyone sees when scrolling through) Select the best one. If the photos aren't great try and find a photo of the bulls sire if he was AI or a brother maybe.  You want an eye catching photo that will make people stop scrolling and read more. Just be sure to mention that the first photo is a brother or the sire.


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