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  Marketing your livestock online has become more than ever in recent times a reliable and a prerequisite when selling your stock. There are a few elements that if done well, will increase your chance of making the sale and receiving top price for the stock you intend on selling. For all intensive pruposes we will assume you are trying to sell a  bull. 1. Take a good photo - Perspective purchases are going to want to see the bull and its up to you to make him shine and stand out compared to all the other bulls on websites like and Get him out of the shed and into a paddock or at least a clean yard with a...

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Ballybar Races History

Our Name Ballybar resonated with me when I began exploring names for the business. I am real lover of history and when I was told that there was once a race track over our back field I had to find out more about the history. The Ballybar (or Carlow) races ran at least from the 1760's.  People came from across the country to attend the races, they were the main racing event. The railway that connected Dublin to cork was brought forward in 1846 to accommodate spectators and horses.  The following is an exert from the Carlow Sentinel on September, 14, 1861 "On arriving at the course a very gay scene presented itself. To those unacquainted with the locality, the...

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Milking it

Sick of your old tunes constantly set on replay ? Looking for something to listen too while you're milking, bailing, feeding calves or scraping shit ? We have put together a couple of playlists for you to listen to on Spotify.   Whether you are are looking for something to really get you going in the parlour or belt some tunes out in the tractor or want to chill on a Sunday while catching up on book work. I'm not going to lie there is a chance there could be a bit of cheese in the playlists, but who doesn't love cheese, right?   Hope you enjoy and if you have any suggestions for themed playlists for the future I'll...

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